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At Super Kids, we believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring
and stimulating environment in which they can grow and mature: emotionally,
intellectually, physically and socially.

our 3 key elements to foster such developments are:

Leading Nursery in Mirdif The teacher acting as a guide.

Leading Nursery in Mirdif Letting the child’s natural curiosity direct his/her learning.

three Promoting respect for all people and all things.


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SKN’S philosophy of education is based on a number of fundamental beliefs:

Leading Nursery in Mirdif


Each child is an unique individual who learns at his/her own pace; hence we believe in providing a stimulating environment that promotes your child’s natural curiosity and walk with them step by step as they discover themselves.

Leading Nursery in Mirdif


We are firm believers in our motto ‘Learn 2 Play N Play 2 Learn’. Through play a child discovers what they enjoy and helps our dedicated staff understand each child’s likes and dislikes; creating a more fun environment with each passing day.

Leading Nursery in Mirdif


Each child’s learning curve is different, which is why our program aims to engage them in core developmental areas i.e cognitive, social, emotional and physical.

Through these areas each child develop their:

1-Speech and language

2– Fine motor skills

3– Gross motor skills

4– Creative development

5– Social development

6– Emotional & Physical development

Our Mission

Super kids Nursery has a unique distinctive approach to educating
and caring of children. We offer a balance of academic,
artistic and practical activities, so each child can develop rapidly
during  the early growing years by introducing children to
a world of discovery and diversity.

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Sunday – Thursday
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Super Kids Nursery – Villa 99 Street 23c, Mirdif, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
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