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Finding the Perfect Nursery Near Silicon Oasis

Finding an excellent nursery near Silicon Oasis is essential for families in this area where work, play and living converge seamlessly in Dubai’s hi-tech community. A good nursery school ensures you’re giving your little one a bright beginning amidst a dynamic, growth-driven environment.

Living and Raising a Family in Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is home to some of the largest integrated technology parks in the world. Its modern properties, green spaces and thriving tech ecosystem offer a vibrant environment for families with nursery-age children.

The neighbourhood’s famed technology parks are well-connected to various family-friendly residential options such as villa communities and residential towers. Residents here enjoy not only a lively community but also easy access to quality schools, amenities and rest and recreation venues. At Silicon Oasis, everything you need is within easy reach, making daily life convenient and hassle-free for busy parents and their kids. The proximity to Academic City, a hub for education and work, also makes it a popular choice for higher education seekers, young professionals, and families with students.

Choosing a Nursery School Near Silicon Oasis

Selecting the right nursery school near Silicon Oasis for your child is a decision that will shape their early educational journey, as well as their academic path in the years to come. The nurturing and stimulating environment provided during these crucial years can profoundly impact their personal development and establish a lifelong love for learning.


A school’s teaching philosophy can give parents an idea about the type of environment a potential nursery can offer their little ones. That’s why a school tour is a must during this crucial selection process. Parents often remark that their first visit to our nursery gave them the confirmation they need to see that we can offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their children to explore, learn and grow.


Research indicates that a child-centric pedagogy, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach, is instrumental in preparing children for success in school and beyond. Super Kids recognises the significance of fostering individuality. Our curriculum is lovingly designed to empower each child to discover and develop according to their unique talents and interests. We celebrate the diverse strengths of every child, and in doing so, guide them to realise their full potential.


Nurseries that prioritise play-based learning create the ideal environment for children to interact, explore and let their imaginations bloom. Super Kids Nursery is thoughtfully laid out with zones and facilities that encourage multifaceted, interactive play. From lush gardens to indoor gyms and messy play areas, we are able to provide the perfect backdrop for children to develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning and growth.


A nursery’s influence extends beyond academics. At Super Kids, we place a strong emphasis on the holistic development of children – physical, intellectual, emotional and social – during their formative years. Over the years, we have successfully created an environment where children acquire essential life skills and feel a profound sense of belonging that make them well-prepared to navigate future challenges.

Why Choose Super Kids Nursery

Super Kids is a family-operated nursery near Silicon Oasis with a 20-year track record in providing exemplary early childhood education in Dubai. We have an infant, toddler and preschool program for children six months to four years. For families residing in Silicon Oasis, we offer transportation services and an after-school program for your convenience.

At Super Kids, our focus on holistic learning ensures children get the support, tools and guidance they need to hone their communication and language skills and develop physically, emotionally and socially. Our range of age-appropriate, play-based learning activities ensures your child is continually engaged, adequately stimulated and always excited to go to school to learn more.

Learn how your child can join our top-rated nursery near Silicon Oasis. Talk to our friendly admissions team today.

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What Parents Say

Anish Kuriakose
Anish Kuriakose
Highly recommend
Adil Hasan
Adil Hasan
Very satisfied parents of our kid who is part of Super Kids Nursery Mirdif. Very professional faculty and management,Specially Ms Norah (Kool Kats) who take care of our kid very well. There is huge improvement in skills and other relevant activities and expecting similar efforts in coming session. All the best to SKN 🙏🙏🙏
Iqra Faizan
Iqra Faizan
Love the nursery, staff, ambiance … daughter loves going there every day ….. its spring break and she is looking forward to get back, mentioning all teachers and her friends….. they are very cooperative and works closely with the parents to achieve the desired goals
supriya ananth
supriya ananth
Super Kids is an excellent nursery. I joined my son to this nursery a week after relocating to Dubai. He could barely speak in english when he started. Four months down the lane, he can now almost form sentences in english, count till 30, and has learned good social etiquettes. He has loved going to Super Kids from day 1 and thoroughly enjoys his learning.
Anisa Haji
Anisa Haji
This is by far one of the best nurseries I know of in Dubai. It’s s family run nursery with incredibly kind and nurturing staff that go above and beyond for my child. I have gone through 2 teachers so far and 4 support assistants and they’ve all been fantastic at settling and teaching my toddler. It’s the type of nursery where everyone knows each other, inc all the children and their parents/guardians. They run lovely events that help to enrich the curric such as sports day and small field trips to the mall. I would highly recommend Super Kids Nursery in Mirdif .
Amenah M
Amenah M
Cute family led nursery, feels like a home away from home. They are inclusive and have made my daughter feel so nurtured and welcomed. Thank you to all the staff at Super Kids Nursery!❤️
Marwa Sirri
Marwa Sirri
Very good nursery .. my kid loves her teacher special thanks to Ms. Melody .
Azza Salem
Azza Salem
As a parent I am very happy that my son is in Super Kids Nursery. Honestly the best decision I’ve made. The change in his personality and how he’s attached to his friends and teachers♥️. Super Kids Nursery is one big family. ♥️
Noor Al Bayat
Noor Al Bayat
We’ve noticed a huge difference in our daughter! She became more socialized which was the primary goal for us because she is the only child we have. We can tell there is a language development from the songs and words our daughter is using ; she learns many useful things everyday. There is something about this place; it’s warming and friendly!