daycare in mirdif, affordable nursery in mirdif
daycare in mirdif, affordable nursery in mirdif
daycare in mirdif, affordable nursery in mirdif
daycare in mirdif, affordable nursery in mirdif

Super Kids Nursery – Early Learning Center

It all started with a vision of a mom who wanted to create an early learning environment she wished was available for her children. Super Kids was founded in 2004 with the principle of providing children with the highest quality of early education in a safe, affordable and cozy environment.

At Super Kids Nursery, we believe that every child is unique and deserves individualized attention and care. Our experienced and qualified teachers are passionate about early childhood education and work tirelessly to create a positive and engaging atmosphere for children to thrive in. Being one of the leading childcare center in Mirdif, we offer a wide range of programs for children of all ages, from infants to Preschoolers. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in every child who comes through our doors. Come and visit us today to see why Super Kids Nursery is the top choice for parents in Mirdif, Dubai.

Our Mission

To recognize that children are unique individuals and to always help them become the best version of themselves.

our philosophy

Happy Children grow up to be happy adults

Benefits of super Kids nursery

With each day that passes, we aim to instill positive growth in each area of your child’s learning. With love we create a sense of belonging for your little one and with space to explore we help them become more confident. All these qualities help to provide a smooth transition into school.

daycare in mirdif, affordable nursery in mirdif

We base our philosophy on three fundamental beliefs:


Each child is an unique individual who learns at his/her own pace; hence we believe in providing a stimulating environment that promotes your child’s natural curiosity and walk with them step by step as they discover themselves.


We are firm believers in our motto ‘Learn 2 Play N Play 2 Learn’.Through play a child discovers what they enjoy and helps our dedicated staff understand each child’s likes and dislikes; creating a more fun environment with each passing day.


Each child’s learning curve is different, which is why our program aims to engage them in core developmental areas i.e cognitive, social, emotional and physical.